How to Choose A Gaming Mouse

How to Choose A Gaming MouseIf you are a gamer, choosing an appropriate mouse is very important decision for you. Three are many brands out in the market offering several varieties of mouse for customers, each catering to specific customer groups. So, basically, you can choose your gaming mouse from a variety of brands. But the decision of which mouse will suit you is very important as this will determine the level of comfort and increase or decrease your gaming performance. The choice of selecting an appropriate mouse comes into the question because not all mice are for everyone; suitability is a major issue. The following discussion will inform you about what to do and what not to do while choosing a gaming mouse.

Determine the Type of Game
In order to choose a suitable mouse for gaming, first you need to look at the fact that what sorts of game you play or will play. You can play FPS base games or RPG based game or even strategy games. In case of strategy games or RPG games, you need to choose a mouse that accommodates a lot of necessary buttons for different options in the games. Moreover, you should also consider the DPI level attributable to the mouse. Gamers usually prefer mice that have programmable buttons. So, for obvious reason, mice with programmable buttons should get priority while buying a gaming mouse.

Determine the Sensor Type
Gaming mice are available with laser sensor, optical sensor and infrared sensor. The choice of sensor is also very important. Different sensors provide different perks. Majority of the gamers use laser sensor based pen mouse for their gaming purpose. The reason behind choosing laser based mouse is that it can be used on any surfaces. But sometimes laser mouse can be disturbing due to it higher lift off. This is where the discussion of traditional optical mouse comes into consideration. Optical mouse can be used very smoothly on a good muse pad and can provide excellent gaming performance.
Consider the DPI level
You have to consider the DPI level offered by a mouse. Higher DPI value determines that for moving relatively in small space, the cursor will move a long way. Mice with higher DPI level will reduce the number of palm movements. But make sure that you get accustomed to the movement of the mouse along with your gaming performance.

Consider the Connection Type
While choosing a mouse, you must make a decision about connectivity of that mouse. This depends entirely on your personal preference. If you prefer wired mouse, go for it; if you prefer Bluetooth or infrared mouse, you can go for that too.

Left or Right?
If you are a lefty, you don’t have much of a choice. All the major producers of mouse tend to stick to right handed products. Though some companies are making mouse for left hander use, they may not fulfill your expectation as a gamer.
Finally, you should think about the durability and sturdiness of the mouse as it must be suitable for taking a lot of pressure and hammering. Best of luck!

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